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Dołączył: 30 Gru 2019
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PostWysłany: Wto Sty 07, 2020 03:18 Odpowiedz z cytatemPowrót do góry

And after kidnap case took place, a series start launching to dreamlike technological activity and all let the Yan fly a deliberation Sa Xin, a Chinese family name send the function that has in affair here.If Sa Xin Pai also got involved to divide a dreamlike technological activity in, so can be released to six Ping pings very worth doubt.
At this time, the staff member of outside notifies that the Yan flies, saying to make a contract will soon start and invite Yan to fly to make a contract assembly hall.The Yan flies a bitterness to think to have no solution, can temporarily let go of troublesome, raise ransom to come to hand again say.His noodles is expressionless to sit before making a contract a table, front a line of media reporters.The willow is sat the Yan flies a body side, a vice- pleased smiling face opens of facial expression, continuously with relate to good medium friends chat, just wait for 8:00 arrival, formally make a contract.
The Yan flies noodles expressionless looking at the nether person, in this a moment, his heart suddenly becomes quiet, after experiencing all these, he mature a lot of.Knew in the world what is what oneself truely needs, what can be given up, this knew own advantage and also understood own weakness, these feeling Wus also determined him later of development direction and development road.
It is exactly 7:45 p.m. at this time, make a contract a rites to carry on at 8:00.Sa Xin Pai stipulate of ransom end it is a tonight 9:00.So as long as this makes a contract a rites as usual carry on, so the Yan flies and then can get hold of money right away, then money beat Sa Xin Pai specify of in the account, exchange the regression of six Ping pings.
But as Yan is flying time of calculation, he suddenly discovered a person in the media reporter of underneath.This person is a white beard old man, the appearance of a way bone fairy breeze, he is carrying a cup beverage to seduce a beauty of television station to manage, don't know that he said as well what, that beauty manages and then smiles very rough sea.That old man sees the vision that the Yan flies and toward Yan to fly to raise the beverage cup on the hand, then turn head again and that beauty manage to tease.
The Yan flies to stand up a while, gets a fright the willow of flank and hurriedly asks a way:"The Yan flies, you is this why?"
The Yan flies to say:"Go to the stool,still want your approval!"
The willow is one Leng, the Yan flew and then walked to go out.He turned 1 to bend, then found out that in the room corner white beard old man, take advantage o person's inattention, a stop the neck of old man, drag along him to moreover a room, close a door, release that old man, say:"Valley old man, long time no see!"
Originally that white beard old man is exactly the Yan flew in Africa to once see of can predict future valley old man, just after valley old man was mysterious to disappear last time, the Yan flews and then has never seen him any further, unexpectedly incredibly appear in ownly making a contract a rites today.Hence the Yan flies to make moves right away and binds him to this room.
That valley old man is flown by the Yan to stop neck to drag along to walk, although the Yan flies have been already released, still cough very a burst of, just slowly lead spirit.He lambastes a way:"You does this boy so so have no courtesy?Didn't see me am an old man's house?What is up can not say well ……"
The Yan flies to say:"To you, wholesale Plantation shutters everything that you experience now isn't early in your foreknowledge?It early destines okay, what spirit do you still living?"
The valley old man flustered and frustratedly scolds a way:"Lao Tze monthly only three opportunity with future foreknowledges, you with why the affairs of trivial matter are all worth my using foreknowledge ability?Don't predict ability, I was just a bad old man and block there live your evil spirit bad very?"
The Yan flies to sorrily say:"Valley old man, I just forgot this Chi.To, you this month predict future ability have been already used up?"
The valley old man blinked to expect eyes and said:"Have already used up!"
The Yan flies one Zheng and has a fit right away, puts out strength to shake the shoulder of valley old man and says:"You aren't this old man, incredibly do know affair importance, how don't stay an opportunity with future foreknowledge?Do I occupy to ask you how to should do now?"
That valley old man yells a way:"Stop, come to a stop quickly ……"
The Yan flies disappointment under some rude in behavior, however still keep releasing valley old man.He originally fell into despair, will soon sign company alienation agreement and had never thoughted under Taiwan to see this can predict future valley old man, as if grasped the last root to help rice straw similar, who know this old man to incredibly use up the foreknowledge ability in this month, this lets how he doesn't disappoint. wooden shutters blinds
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Wysłany: Wto Sty 07, 2020 03:18 Powrót do góry

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